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Motivational Story – Apeksha Porwal who always wanted to participate in Miss India competition

For me, Miss India was a childhood dream. It was a dream I saw with my family. We would sit together every year and watch Miss India when it was telecast on TV and I knew that I wanted to be there. When I represented India at Miss Teen International, 2009 in Chicago, I realized what an incredibly proud feeling it was to represent my country. Being Miss India is a true honour, one that stays with you for life.

Motivational Story – This is how Arab Woman Nouf Marwaai survived cancer with Yoga

Am a lupus survivor, and a breast cancer survivor…I didn’t go through chemo because my health was taken care of with yoga and naturopathic lifestyle. I desperately searched for yoga classes or teachers but couldn’t find any. So, I started self-practicing with the limited resources I could access. I found an Indian teacher and started practicing with her for a year. Very soon, I realized its benefits for the mind and body.

Shocking Story – Arab Woman Nouf Marwaai who received threats for promoting Yoga

I struggled a lot. I had to face a lot of accusations and threats. Any article that was released about yoga or yoga day, I would receive many messages and texts. I could not teach yoga officially. I also couldn’t get a license in 2012 for naturopathy center, even after spending USD 1 million, just because it wasn’t classified yet.

Story – When an incident shocked Anasuya Sarabhai about exploitation of workers

One morning, I was sitting outside in the compound combing out the children’s hair when I saw a group of 15 workers passing by as if in a trance. I called out to them, even though I did not know them well, and asked them, “What’s the matter? Why do you look so listless?’ They said, “Behen, we have just finished 36 straight hours of work. We have worked for two nights and a day without a break, and now we are on our way home.” These words filled me with horror. This was no different than the kind of slavery women faced! Shocked by what she had heard, Anasuya decided that she must do something to change this situation.

Motivational Story – When people affectionately called Anasuya Sarabhai as “Motaben”

In 1914 Anasuya Sarabhai helped Ahmedabad’s weavers successfully organise their first strike for higher wages. In the years that followed, she went on to become their most vocal supporter, negotiating with mill owners – including her brother – for better working conditions. She was affectionately called “Motaben”, Gujarati for “elder sister”, by those she helped.

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