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Motivational Story – This is how Pooja Shah (Marathon Pacer)’s maid inspired her for running

Our house-help, Seema, used to come dressed in trackpants and t-shirts, rather than in the traditional saree or salwar kameez. I was rather curious and asked her why she dressed that way. I was surprised to learn that she was a marathon runner and also practised karate. She came from a small family in Bengal, was a single mother and, in order to make ends meet and provide a good life for her son, she would do these small jobs on the side, whilst following her dreams of running. It made me think that I should NOT be complaining about being busy and start doing something. So I began running with her; she showed me how to go about it and I haven’t stopped running since then.

Motivational Story – When People from R. Narayana Murthy’s village cheered for him

It was my lifetime ambition to become a hero. After completing my intermediate I went to Chennai and met Dasari Narayana Rao. I got a role in superstar Krishna’s film Neramu-Siksha. I was one among the 170 junior artists who stood in a scene for a song. I got frustrated after doing small role. At the same time, I came to know that I passed my intermediate. Dasari suggested me that I should complete my graduation before acting in films. I also had a thing for BA degree as NT Rama Rao’s title card used to have ‘NT Rama Rao BA’. I returned to complete my graduation. During that time, Neramu Siksha got released. Though I was one among 100 people, my villagers recognized me and started clapping and whistling for all my scenes. They used to say ‘mana reddy babulu (my nick name) cinemalo vunnadu’. That response made me realize the power of mass media like movie. I decided that I should complete my degree and join films again.

Story – When Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao was more interested in a separate state than a Portfolio

In the context of TRS’s participation, KCR told me ‘Pranabji, you know my ambition. I want a separate Telangana. Which portfolio you give to me is not important. Whatever you give, I will gladly accept. But for God’s sake, please consider a separate Telangana.

Story – When Narendra Modi impressed Lakshmanrao Inamdar by safeguarding his money

It was during his early phase in the RSS in the 1970s that Narendra Modi started getting drawn to someone who may have had the greatest influence on his life-RSS pracharak Lakshmanrao Inamdar. One anecdote of how Modi endeared himself to Inamdar is particularly interesting. Inamdar had asked him to keep a bundle of notes worth Rs 50,000 during a three-day RSS camp in a remote area in north Gujarat. Not sure how to protect the money, Modi dug a pit at a spot where the RSS leaders used to sit during the day and buried the bag of money there. On the fourth morning, when Modi pulled out the money from the pit in Inamdar’s presence, his mentor was wonderstruck.

When Shiv Kapur (Golfer) had tears in his eyes after listening to National Anthem at Airport

To talk about winning professional victories in certain events is very different to when you win a gold medal for your country because I remember standing on the podium, the feeling that you get when your national anthem is sung and when I landed at the New Delhi airport, every single person stood up and applauded me and I had tears coming out of my eyes and I said this is the proudest moment of my life.

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