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Story – When Vidya Stokes (Politician) stopped eating grains

“We were invited by an Indian friend for a dinner during our stay in Germany. A number of Europeans were also invited. One of the Europeans remarked that ‘Indians are literally crazy for grains. They are obsessed with sugar and white flour. They eat a lot of trash most of the time’. Thereafter, I encountered a book written by American nutritionist (Gayelord) Hauser in a bookstore in Germany. As I was going through the book, I was making up my mind to forgo grains as they cause obesity, excess release of fat-promoting insulin and trigger digestive problems.” She returned to India, astonishing everybody with her decision to stop eating grains.

Story – An accident which forced Amjyot Singh to leave Cricket and opt for Basketball

I didn’t even know the rules of basketball or even thought of playing the sport ever. Like every other child, my parents first put me into cricket. I was practicing as a bowler, but unfortunately I sustained an injury, which would hamper my cricketing growth. It was then that my school coach Ajitkaran Singh asked me to take up basketball because of my height.

Motivational Story – When Footballer P.K. Banerjee trained Sourav Ganguly & Leander Paes

Leander’s father Vace Paes requested me first to nurture his son. Few days later, Sourav’s father Chandi also came to me with the same request for his son . Actually, that time, there was a thought that a person or a team that trains under me, would be succesfull definitely but they never trained together. 2-days a week and that too on Sundays and Saturdays. They trained under me for 1-2 yrs. Both had one thing in common which attracted me since day 1. That is their hunger to be successful. They didn’t have any high ambition at that age, but they both were good learners

Funny Story behind Actress Ntasha Bhardwaj’s name

Actually Ntasha is a short form of Nikki Tasha. The reason being that my parents were in America and we were told that having a Russian name in US may create some problems, so my name became Ntasha. Even my sister is Tanya which is an abbreviated form of Tatanya!

Motivational Story – When Chirodeep Chaudhuri decided to be a Photojournalist

My introduction to photography was purely accidental. In the early 1990s the pavement booksellers still used to be around Flora Fountain in Bombay and I used to frequent them to pick up cheap bargains. On one such day I came across a copy of LIFE magazine. I picked it up and on my way back to Chembur I went through the pages again and again. … I had never seen anything like that before. Those larger-than-usual sized pages, those pictures on subjects as varied as the civil war in Chezckoslovakia, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s burning palace, a story on “the cutest baby in America” and another on the oldest wind surfer are the ones I recollect to this day. I think, my life changed at that moment! For the first time ever I truly wanted to pursue something…I had a career plan! I suddenly wanted to become a photojournalist and nothing else.

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