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Karishma Kotak who accepted Bigg Boss because she wanted money for her father’s treatment

My dad didn’t want me to feel sad and cry all the time and convinced me to accept the offer (Bigg Boss). He wanted his daughter to be in better shape, get noticed and get good work. To be honest, I also wanted more money for my father’s treatment. So I thought why not? My entire family supported me.

Story – When Aruna Asaf Ali told Indira Gandhi to change Sikh Security Guards after Operation Bluestar

Just two days before Indira died, Aruna Asaf Ali visited her and noticed armed Sikh security guards at the gate. She recalled that as soon as she entered the room, she told Indira: ‘Indu, why don’t you change your Sikh security guards. It is not safe after Operation Bluestar’. Indira Gandhi did not like the suggestion. She bluntly told Arunaji: “How could you suggest such a thing? It would send wrong signals to the Sikh community.”

This is how Karishma Kotak fulfilled her father’s wish

My father’s wish was to see his daughter every day on TV. I fulfilled his wish and he died with a smile on his face. He had gone through a lot in the last few months. I am sad that he is not there but I am happy that he is no longer in that pain. He left a small video for me saying how much he loved me and was proud of me.

When Actor Vivek Dahiya faced discrimination at Airport

Budapest is the first city where I faced discrimination. There were a few small incidents in the first few days, but I shrugged them off thinking that they were either coincidences or the locals were not warm. However, I soon realised that they chose to behave in a certain way towards outsiders. The preferential treatment at the airport made it all the more worse. We are obsessed with fair skin and give preference to Westerners over our own countrymen. Every country should treat tourists and their own citizens equally.

When Sourav Ganguly got inspired by Pakistani Cricketer Imran Khan

Imran Khan and I have a fantastic relationship — he said when you fly and you see dark clouds, you find a way to fly higher. I remembered those words during that period. I trained hard.

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