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When Manmohan Singh didn’t believe in 2009 that Congress was going to win a second term

Yes he said that in a casual moment. I didn’t probe it. But he said that no, no I don’t think we are coming back. He seemed to believe so, although it was said in a light hearted way. (Said Manmohan Singh’s Daughter Daman Singh, Writer in a media interview)

Story – This is how listening & telling stories become Nila Madhab Panda’s profession

I was born in a humble family. As always a family’s concern is how the child will study well and get a job. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at studies. I grew up in a joint family, in a village with hardship. The village was away from urban areas and facilities. So my life and experiences were limited to the family, village and the village environment, specially the beautiful Mahanadi River. The only exposure includes the stories – heard, natural beauty seen and experience of living in the midst of nature. When I grew up, I developed a habit of telling stories. Thus, the love of listening and telling stories become my profession.

This is how Harsh Mayar (Actor) started acting

I can’t recall when was the exact time but, I started doing mimicry of celebrities initially and my uncle saw the talent of acting in me. Further, he enrolled me in acting school Sri Ram Center where I learned a lot of things. So, by far officially it has been 10 years in the industry of my work unofficially and 6 years officially.

Ashish Nehra who regrets not winning 2003 Cricket world cup by India

It’s been a great journey. May be one regret. If I could change anything in these 20 years, that afternoon in Johannesburg during the 2003 World Cup final (where India lost to Australia). But nothing else as it’s all about destiny.

Funny Story – When Raghav Juyal used to hide all his music instruments

I used to practice alone. Whenever my father came home, I used to hide all my music instruments and open a book and act as if I was studying. Every parent needs a proof, and I proved that. I practiced a lot. After DID, everything changed. My father and mother were happy after that and told me, ‘You do this only. This is what you were born to do.’

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