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Story – When Dhritarashtra tried to crush Bhima but Krishna saved him with a trick

Dhritarashtra was furious with Bhima for mercilessly slaying all his sons, especially Duryodhana. After the war ended, the victorious Pandavas arrived at Hastinapur for the formal transfer of power. The Pandavas go to embrace their uncle and give their respects. Dhritarashtra hugged Yudhishthira heartily. When Dhritarashtra turned to Bhima, Lord Krishna sensed the danger and asked Bhima to move Duryodhana’s iron statue of Bhima (used by the prince for training) in his place. Dhritarashtra crushed the statue with into pieces, and then broke down crying, his anger leaving him. Broken and defeated, Dhritarashtra apologized for his folly and wholeheartedly embraced Bhima and the other Pandavas.

Story of Susharma in Mahabharatha who vows to kill Arjuna

Susharma, is a character in ancient Indian epic Mahabharatha, who vows to kill great warrior Arjuna. He was king of Trigarta and brother of Bhanumati.

Story – This is what happened to Dhritarashtra & Gandhari after the Kurukshetra war

After the great war of Mahabharat, the grief-stricken blind king along with his wife Gandhari, sister-in-law Kunti, and half brother Vidura left Hastinapur for penance. It is believed that all of them perished in a forest fire and attained Moksha.

Story of Bhanumati (Wife of Duryodhana) in Mahabharata

Bhanumati is a character of Indian epic Mahabharata. She was described as wife of Duryodhana. According to Mahabharata, she was princess and daughter of king Bhagadatta of Pragjyotishpur. As Bhanumati wasn’t directly involved in the main events of the epic, not much is written about her in the Mahabharata. In the epic, she is mainly mentioned at two places: in Stri Parva by Queen Gandhari and in Shanti Parva by sage Narada, describing her swayamvar ceremony.

Story of Nikumbha demon (son of Kumbhakarna)

Nikumbha is a demon in Hindu mythology and is the son of Kumbhakarna, killed by Hanuman in the Ramayana. He was instructed by Kubera to watch over the Pisacas and the Nilamata Purana refers to him as “the noble and strong lord of the Pisacas.”

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