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Story when Bhishma makes a comparison between Yudhishthira & Duryodhana

According to Mahabharata, when Bhishma has to pick Dhritarashtra’s successor, he mentions to Vidura many of Duryodhana’s positive qualities in comparison to Yudhishthira. Having spent so many years in the forest, Yudhishthira doesn’t have Duryodhana’s experience, military expertise, education, and courtly manners. Bhishma adds that Duryodhana is loved by the people, while Yudhishthira is an unknown quantity to them. However, Bhishma ultimately selects Yudhishthira, telling Vidura that in his heart, Duryodhana is a power-hungry, vitriolic individual, while at his core, Yudhishthira is a good man who cares tremendously for his people.

Story when Ekalavya cut his trump as Guru Dakshina for Guru Dronacharya

One day when Drona and his students were going out into the forest, Arjuna saw a dog that was unable to bark due to an amazing construction of arrows in and all around his mouth. This construction was harmless to the dog, but prevented the dog from barking. Drona was amazed, but also distressed as he had promised Arjuna that he would make him the greatest archer in the world. Drona and his students investigated, and came upon Ekalavya. Upon seeing Drona, Ekalavya came and bowed to him. Drona asked Ekalavya where he had learnt archery. Ekalavya replied “under you, Guruji”, and showed Drona his statue while explaining what he had done. Drona then reminded Ekalavya that to truly be Drona’s pupil, Ekalavya would have to pay guru dakshina. Readily, Ekalavya offers to do anything for Drona. Drona stoically asks for the thumb from Ekalavya’s right hand. Hesitant at first, Eklavya asks for Drona to confirm the command; Drona harshly does so. Happy and Smiling, Ekalavya cuts off the thumb and present it as gurudakshina to dronacharya.

Story this is how Sanjay narrated Kurukshetra war story to Dhritarashtra

While Sanjaya was still in Hastinapur, the series of events that happened in the battlefield of Kurukshetra was very clear to him. He saw with his eyes as if we was in the battlefield. Sanjaya saw: partisans of Dhritarashtra and the Pandavas gathered there, heard with his ears the words of Duryodhana, the fierce battle-cry of grandfather Bhishma, the mighty sound of Panchajanya proclaiming the destruction of the Kurus, and the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna bringing out the import of the Gita. Sanjaya clearly has an advantage over an average person because he could hear things that would even frighten the average person. He was described to be gifted as he could see “events at a distance granted by the Rishi Vyasa”. As Dhritarashtra’s advisor, Sanjaya’s job was not as hard. Until he had to tell Dhritarashtra the news of the death of his “hundred sons at the hands of Bhima at different points of time in the battle and offers the sorrowing king solace in his darkest hours. Sanjaya tells every incident of the Kurukshetra war. Sanjaya also gives various descriptions of: Earth, the other planets, and focuses on the Indian subcontinent and gives an elaborate list of hundreds of kingdoms, tribes, provinces, cities, towns, villages, rivers, mountains, and forests of the (ancient) Indian Subcontinent (Bharata Varsha). He also explains about the military formations adopted by each side on each day, the death of each hero and the details of each war-racing. Sanjaya is known to be very frank in his narration of the battle events and his opinions and he also predicted the destruction of Kauravas that the hands of Krishna and Arjuna.

Story of self-taught archer Ekalavya who once defeated Krishna in an archery combat

Ekalavya is a character from the epic The Mahabharata. He was a young prince of the Nishadha, a confederation of jungle tribes (Adivasi) in Ancient India. He was offered as the son to Vyatraj Hiranyadhanus by Narayani Devi and possessed powers given by Bhumi devi. Ekalavya aspired to study archery in the Gurukul of Guru Drona. He is called as one of the foremost of kings in the Starbharata Yajna where he honours Yudhishthira with his shoes. Though he didn’t have his right thumb, he was noted as a very powerful archer and warrior. He is said to be a great friend of Duryodhan. He brought Krishna’s son to the court of Hastinapur when he kidnapped Duryodhan’s daughter. He possessed the mighty bow Pashupath. He is known to have defeated Krishna in an archery combat.

Story of Ulupi or Uloopi in Mahabharata and her association with Arjuna

Ulupi or Uloopi is a character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The daughter of Kouravya, the king of serpents, she was the second among the four wives of Arjuna. Ulupi is said to have met and married Arjuna when he was in exile; she had a son with him, Iravan. She played a major part in the upbringing of Babruvahana, Arjuna’s son with Chitrangada. She is also credited with redeeming Arjuna from the curse of the Vasus by restoring his life after he was slain in a battle by Babruvahana. Little is said about Ulupi in the Mahabharata. Ulupi is known by numerous names in the Mahabharata.

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