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Story when Barbarika’s (Khatushyam) tells who was behind success of Pandavas in Kurukshetra War

At the end of the battle, the victorious Pandava brothers argued amongst themselves as to who was responsible for their victory. Krishna suggested that Barbarika’s head, which had watched the whole battle should be allowed to judge. Barbarika’s head suggested that it was krishna alone who was responsible for the victory. Barbarika replies, “All I could see were two things. One, a divine chakra spinning all around the battle field, killing all those who were not on the side of Dharma. The other was Goddess Mahakali, who spread out her tongue on the battle field and consumed all the sinners as her sacrifice”. Listening to this, Pandavas realise that it was Lord Narayan and Goddess Mahamaya who actually cleaned up the world from Adharma, and the Pandavas were mere instruments.

Story of Barbarika was bound by his principle of always fighting on the losing side

Barbarika was the son of Ghatotkacha and Maurvi (Ahilawati), daughter of Muru, a Yadava king. Barbarika was originally a yaksha, and was reborn as a man. He was bound by his principle of always fighting on the losing side, which led him to stand witness to the battle of Mahabharata without taking part in it.

Story of Barbarika and why he was known for “Bearer of Three Arrows”

Even in his childhood, Barbarika was a very brave warrior. He learnt the art of warfare from his mother. The gods (ashtadeva) gave him the three infallible arrows. Hence, Barbarika came to be known as “Bearer of Three Arrows”. When Barbarika learnt that battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas had become inevitable, he wanted to witness what was to be the Mahabharata War. He promised his mother that if he felt the urge to participate in the battle, he would join the side which would be losing. He rode to the field on his Blue Horse equipped with his three arrows and bow.

Story when Krishna asked everyone as how many days they would take to finish Mahabharata war alone

Before the Mahabharata war began, Lord Krishna asked all the Pandavas how many days they would take to finish Mahabharata war alone. Bhishma answered that he would take 20 days to finish the war. Dronacharya replied that it would take him 25 days. When Karna was asked, he said he would take 24 days. Arjuna told Krishna it would take 28 days for him to complete the battle by himself. In this manner, Lord Krishna asked each warrior and received an answer. Krishna disguised as a Brahmin, stopped Barbarika to examine his strength. When asked how many days he would take to finish the war alone, Barbarika answered that he could finish it in one minute. Krishna then asked Barbarika how he’d finish the great battle with just three arrows. Barbarika replied that a single arrow was enough to destroy all his opponents in the war, and it would then return to his quiver. He stated that, the first arrow is used to mark all the things that he wants to destroy. If he uses the second arrow, then the second arrow will mark all the things that he wants to save. On using the third arrow, it will destroy all the things that are not marked and then return to his quiver. In other words, with one arrow he can fix all his targets and with the other he can destroy them.

Story when Vikarna (Dhritarashtra’s Son & Duryodhana’s Brother) fights Bhima for the sake of loyalty to his brother Duryodhana

Duryodhana sends Vikarna to check Bhima’s advance. Bhima, who had sworn to kill all of Dhritarashtra’s true-born (100) sons, calls Vikarna a man of dharma and advises him to step aside. Vikarna replies that even knowing that the Kauravas would not win a war against a side with Sri Krishna on it, he cannot forsake Duryodhana. Pleadingly, Bhima reminds him of the dice game, where Vikarna had criticized his brother. Vikarna replied “That was my duty then, and this is my duty now. Fight me, o son of Vayu!” Bhima kills Vikarna after a mace-fight. His death brings tears to the eyes of Bhima. After his death, Bhima laments “Alas, O Vikarna, you were just and knew what was dharma! You fought in loyal obedience to the call of duty. Indeed this battle is a curse upon us wherein men like you…have had to be slaughtered.”

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