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When Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar played under each other’s captaincy

Доставка в Мурманск You should do what you can and not thinking about the outcome. You never know where life goes, you never know where life will take you. I went to Australia in 1999, I wasn’t even the vice-captain. Sachin (Tendulkar) was the captain and in three months I became the captain of India.

Reason behind choosing uncommon suits by musical artists Parekh & Singh

go here “We began wearing suits as sort of a joke… also because we liked the idea of a uniform. We began wearing whatever suits we had at that point… regular black, grey, navy suits. And it was nice being in a suit, because it isn’t necessarily the most free thing to wear, but it makes you feel like you’re going to work. Once we started our journey with the record label, they wanted us to continue that look. They wanted to develop the look based on what we already liked. The initial colour palette for the suits sort of came from the artwork that we had for the album. We sort of reduced the artwork to a bunch of representative average colours and picked the colours that would look good on fabric and go with the suits that we wear. So it’s a bit of fun and a bit of function.” Says Jivraj Singh. Whereas Nischay Parekh says “Nostalgia is an ingredient in our clothes and even in the music… so retro is an element, hence the suits, which are sort of classic.”

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Relationship between Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao during 1991 reforms

купить марихуана Полевской My father got a call from him and overnight he was the FM. He had a month to present the Budget. The economy was in a ghastly mess. Narasimha Rao made it all happen. Without him, my father could not have done anything. The ideas and radical approach came from my father, but it was Rao who made it politically feasible. My father always says it was a minority government that changed the course of India’s entire economic policy. My father felt if he had five more years he could have done more. (Said Manmohan Singh’s Daughter Daman Singh, Writer in a media interview)

When Preity Zinta met Jinnah’s daughter Dina Wadia The first time I met her, I stared at her open mouthed. My goodness, she carries so much history within her! Since then we’ve met over dinner and at other social occasions several times. Each time I’m struck by her gentle demeanour, her classic elegance, and yes, her fragility. I was also struck by her unmistakable facial resemblance to her illustrious father (Jinnah). I’ve never seen two people who resemble each other so closely.

When Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis gave challenge to Congress Leader Prithviraj Chavan

купить Порох Баймак I give an open challenge to Prithviraj Chavan to call his (Congress-affiliated) sarpanchs and I will call mine. I am anyway going to call mine in Pune. Let us come face to face. If mine are not proven to be more, I will change my name


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