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Story – Madhu Koda’s father wanted his son to lead a farmer’s life

His father wanted Madhu to have a “normal life” and remain a farmer or iron worker, but after experiencing corruption in the iron industry, he eventually began a career in politics.

Sad Story – Why Manna Dey felt lonely after demise of his wife Sulochana

She was my everything. My inspiration, my companion, the one person I used to bank upon for all that mattered in my life: as singer, as a human being. I just couldn’t live without her, her passing away has left a very big void in my life. That’s why I am a little empty now. That’s why I avoid meeting people, because I am really not well at all, and without her, my day-to-day living has become different.

Emotional Story – When Moushumi Chatterjee got married at an early age due to last wish of her close aunt

After Balika Badhu, I was flooded with Bengali movies but I wished to complete my studies. However, movies were in my fate hence when I was studying in class X, a close aunt of mine was on her death bed and her last wish was to see me married. Hence, to satisfy her wish I got married.

Emotional Story – When Director Kundan Shah didn’t sign a poster for Shah Rukh Khan

I have some posters of two, three films in my house. One of them is ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ and it is signed by Dilip Kumar saab. One is that of ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’, which Kundan Shah had refused to sign for a long time. Just six to seven days ago, I told my wife I will go and get it signed by Kundan… And he left the world without signing that poster for me.

Story – One thing because of which Adnan Sami got overweight

When Adnan went to Houston to start his journey of losing weight, he hired a nutritionist there. The expert has found out that Adnan was an emotional eater. He always used to eat, whether it is a happy or a sad moment. This unconditional love of eating led to extreme weight gain.

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