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When Jagmohan Dalmiya asked Sourav Ganguly to become India’s coach

When I got into administration, I was desperate to be the coach of the national side. (Jagmohan) Dalmiya called me and said ‘why don’t you try for six months’. He passed away and none was around, so I became the CAB president. People take 20 years to become president. You have to live for the day.

Ashish Nehra who regrets not winning 2003 Cricket world cup by India

It’s been a great journey. May be one regret. If I could change anything in these 20 years, that afternoon in Johannesburg during the 2003 World Cup final (where India lost to Australia). But nothing else as it’s all about destiny.

Story – Rajesh Khanna who missed Smita Patil and Sanjeev Kumar

I miss all those who are no more. Smita Patil and Sanjeev Kumar died so young. When I watch their old films on TV I feel a sense of deep loss. One may not be in regular contact with colleagues, but one was aware of what was happening in their lives.

Story – Actress Ruma Sharma who wanted to be Doctor but quit schooling because of high fee

During my childhood my Dream was to Become a Doctor. Later on I realized that Books were not my Cup Of Tea. I completely belong to creative team. And about my School life, due to financial issues, I Dropped my school when I was in 10th because of high Fees. I never wanted to be a burden on my mother’s shoulders. So, I decided to pursue my studies Privately (through correspondence).

Story – Madhu Koda’s father wanted his son to lead a farmer’s life

His father wanted Madhu to have a “normal life” and remain a farmer or iron worker, but after experiencing corruption in the iron industry, he eventually began a career in politics.

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