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Story – When Pakistani soldiers used to amuse Indian army saying “your orders will come from Delhi while ours are in our pockets”

In 1971, Pakistan was supposed to open the Western Front in response to India’s action in then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But before the full fledged war broke out, Pakistanis used to open fire at their will and they used to mock us saying that you can’t fire, your orders will come from Delhi while ours are in our pockets. I am proud that under my son, Indian Army doesn’t have to wait for orders anymore. (Story as narrated by Ramphal Singh, father of Dalbir Singh Suhag – 26th Chief of the Army Staff)

Story – Funny conversation between Indian Nuclear Scientists Homi Sethna & P. K. Iyengar

On the day of India’s first Nuclear test, Homi Sethna said to his colleagues: “Whose head will be chopped if the test fails?” To this P.K. Iyengar replied: “If the law of physics works, no head will be chopped.” The test conducted successfully, Sethna sent a coded message to Gandhi,” saying “Buddha Is Smiling”.

Story – K. Subrahmanyam, Prominent Indian Strategic Affairs Analyst who used to be known as “Bomb Mama”

K. Subrahmanyam was a prominent international strategic affairs analyst, journalist and former Indian civil servant. He was an influential voice in Indian security affairs and was a key figure in framing and influencing Indian security and nuclear policy. And in advocating Indian nuclear positions on the global stage, both as a policy wonk and as a journalist. After retiring from the government in 1987, Subrahmanyam continued to write on security matters, eventually joining the Times of India as a consulting editor. Journalism was in many ways his true calling. Affectionately known by his colleagues as “Bomb Mama”, in reality Subrahmanyam was far from being a nuclear hawk. He wrote on a range of issues, including on spiritual and religious matters and loved nothing more than to discuss national and global issues with his younger colleagues.

Story – When Media used “Goongi Goodiya” Phrase for Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi formed her government with Morarji Desai as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. At the beginning of her first term as prime minister, Indira was widely criticized by the media and the opposition as a “Goongi Goodiya” (Hindi word for a dumb doll or puppet) of the Congress party bosses who had got her elected and tried to constrain her.

Story of Indira Gandhi’s Slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ (Remove Poverty) v/s Opposition’s Slogan ‘Indira Hatao’ (Remove Indira)

Garibi Hatao (Eradicate Poverty) was the theme for Gandhi’s 1971 bid. On the other hand, the combined opposition alliance had a two word manifesto of “Indira Hatao” (Remove Indira). The Garibi Hatao slogan and the proposed anti-poverty programs that came with it were designed to give Gandhi an independent national support, based on rural and urban poor. The program also provided the central political leadership with new and vast patronage resources to be disbursed… throughout the country.”

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