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Story – Henry Kissinger, war criminal or most effective diplomat and political scientist

General opinion of Henry Kissinger is strongly divided. While some journalists, activists, and human rights lawyers have condemned him as a war criminal, several scholars have ranked him as the most effective U.S. Secretary of State since 1965. Since holding office, his advice has been sought by world leaders including subsequent U.S. presidents.

Story – When President Nixon gave full negotiating authority to Henry Kissinger

The Yom Kippur War began on October 6, 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. On October 12, under Nixon’s direction, and against Henry Kissinger’s initial advice, while Kissinger was on his way to Moscow to discuss conditions for a cease-fire, Nixon sent a message to Brezhnev giving Kissinger full negotiating authority.

Story – This is how Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky came up with an idea to rent their place which turned out to be a big success

In August of 2008, two roommates sat in their San Francisco apartment brainstorming ways to make rent. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, former Rhode island school of design classmates hoping to come up with the next big thing, had a sudden, and brilliant, idea: they would rent out a bed (actually, an air mattress) in their house, and host guests from anywhere in the world who needed accommodation in the busy, Northern California City. An annual flock of design conference attendees left hotels in the area at maximum capacity, opening up the possibility for Gebbia and Chesky to invite vacationers into their home for a fair price. Their scheme quickly expanded, their minds brimming with ideas — they could cook breakfast for their temporary visitors, offer them a ride to or from the airport, and open up their community of personal hotspots and must-sees in the city that only locals might know. Little could the pair have foreseen that their humble, entrepreneurial beginnings would spawn Airbnb — the world’s leading online accommodation platform with a community of millions, a multi-billion dollar brand, and the #1 place to work in 2016.

Story – When Michael W. Young’s parents inspired him of his interest in science

Michael W. Young‘s father used to manager aluminum ingot sales for the United States whereas his mother worked for a law firm. Despite no history of science or medicine in either of their backgrounds, Young’s parents were supportive of his interest in science and provided the means of scientific exploration through microscopes and telescopes. They lived in an environment close to private zoos, where occasionally some of the animals would escape into their backyard and spark Young’s scientific interest.

Story – One book which sparked Michael W. Young’s interest at an early age

In his early teens, Michael W. Young’s parents gifted him one of Darwin’s books on evolution and biological mysteries. The book described biological clocks as the reason why a strange plant he had seen years earlier produced flowers that closed during the day and opened at night. The location and composition of these clocks were unknown, and this sparked Michael Young’s interest at an early age.

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