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Story – How Jeffrey C. Hall got inspired from his father

Jeffrey Hall’s father worked as a reporter. Hall’s father greatly influenced him especially by encouraging Hall to stay updated on recent events in the daily newspaper. As a high school student, Hall planned to pursue a career in medicine. Hall began pursuing a bachelor’s degree. However, during his time as an undergraduate student, Hall found his passion in biology.

Story – When Philip Ives became one of the most influential people for Jeffrey C. Hall during his formative years

For his senior project, to gain experience in formal research, Hall began working with Philip Ives. Hall reported that Ives was one of the most influential people he encountered during his formative years. Hall became fascinated with the study of Drosophila while working in Ives’ lab, a passion that has permeated his research. Under the supervision of Ives, Hall studied recombination and translocation induction in Drosophila. The success of Hall’s research pursuits prompted department faculty to recommend that Hall pursue graduate school at University of Washington in Seattle, where the entire biology department was devoted to genetics.

Story – When Michael W. Young’s parents inspired him of his interest in science

Michael W. Young‘s father used to manager aluminum ingot sales for the United States whereas his mother worked for a law firm. Despite no history of science or medicine in either of their backgrounds, Young’s parents were supportive of his interest in science and provided the means of scientific exploration through microscopes and telescopes. They lived in an environment close to private zoos, where occasionally some of the animals would escape into their backyard and spark Young’s scientific interest.

Story – One book which sparked Michael W. Young’s interest at an early age

In his early teens, Michael W. Young’s parents gifted him one of Darwin’s books on evolution and biological mysteries. The book described biological clocks as the reason why a strange plant he had seen years earlier produced flowers that closed during the day and opened at night. The location and composition of these clocks were unknown, and this sparked Michael Young’s interest at an early age.

Story – Famous Actress Kaley Cuoco who was a regionally ranked amateur tennis player

As a child, Cuoco was a regionally ranked amateur tennis player, a sport she took up when she was 3 years old. She stopped playing at the age of 16.

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