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This is how Ram Subramanian (Filmmaker – Activist) started “Voice of Ram”

I started a Facebook page called Voice of Ram talking about social issues that I believed in and soon it took a life of its own. It is a platform which not only highlights a social issue but also offers a solution. It has touched upon issues related to India-Pakistan peace, political activism, anti-corruption and better governance.

Story – Reason behind Nistula Hebbar’s unusual name

My father chose my name. He was very devout. He used to chant this verse and my name comes from there. It means beyond compare. He gave my mom a list of long-winded names. Nistula was the shortest of them all

Story – This is how Tina Dutta got selected for the role of Ichcha in ‘Uttaran’

I was studying in Class X when I was offered the Bengali TV show, Khela. At that time a Mumbai-based production house was also casting for a new show and called me for auditions. My dad didn’t allow me since I was still in school. Then for three consecutive years, they tried contacting me. Those days we had no access to the internet or mobile phones. So I would check my email at a cyber cafe once a month and would invariably end up seeing the mails after the auditions were over. Finally, I gave the auditions in 2009. Since I couldn’t travel to Mumbai, people came down to audition me and I was selected . After that, there was no looking back.

Story – Debjani Ghosh who always had full conviction of leading Intel India one day

When I interviewed at Intel in 1996, I was asked where I wanted to end up in the long term. I said with full conviction that one day I would be the company’s country manager in India. It was my dream from Day One. Today, I feel very privileged to be living the dream, but it wasn’t always a sure thing.

Story – When Mahatma Gandhi helped Anasuya Sarabhai get 35 per cent increase in wages for workers

Anasuya Sarabhai returned to India in 1913 and started working for betterment of women and the poor. She also opened a school. She decided to get involved in the labour movement after witnessing exhausted female mill workers returning home after a 36-hour shift. She helped organise textile workers in a 1914 strike in Ahmedabad. She was also involved in a month-long strike in 1918, where weavers were asking for a 50 per cent increase in wages and were being offered 20 per cent. Mahatma Gandhi, a friend of the family, was by then acting as a mentor to Sarabhai. Gandhi began a hunger strike on the workers’ behalf, and the workers eventually obtained a 35 per cent increase. Following this, in 1920, the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association (Majdoor Mahajan Sangha) was formed.

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