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When Amitabh Bachchan thought he would never look as good as Rajesh Khanna

When Amitabh Bachchan was struggling to be noticed, Rajesh Khanna was already a superstar. But later, in a way, he replaced Rajesh Khanna. In an interview, however, Bachchan confessed that he had never expected to play lead roles. He always thought he was not conventionally good-looking and felt that he would never look as good as Rajesh Khanna. He revealed that once when he had seen a photograph of Rajesh Khanna in Filmfare, he had thought, ‘What does this man eat? How are his cheeks so red?’

When Rajesh Khanna joined politics

I have always been a Congressman and then I was invited to join the Party and play an active part and the invitation came from Madam (Sonia) Gandhi herself. I had no choice. I just said ‘Yes’ and followed whatever the Party asked me to do. I was given a chance to work for the party whose policies I always believed in. What more could I ask for if I had to take to politics seriously?

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