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Funny Story – When Actress Moubani Sorcar played prank with Director Premangshu Roy

Our young director (Premangshu Roy) was often found engrossed in sweet nothings with his beloved on the phone. I first got myself a dummy model of his phone. On the last day of shoot, I cooked up a story that my phone wasn’t working and, hence, needed his phone to make an urgent call. My director reluctantly obliged. I acted as if I was angry with the person at the other end of the line and suddenly threw the phone — the fake one — into the lake. The director was aghast. We now started calling up the director’s number. He asked us if we could hear the ring. Everyone in the unit kept pretending that they couldn’t hear the phone. In fact, a few, who were unaware of the joke, even jumped into the lake to retrieve the phone.

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