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Funny Story – This is what Salman Khan kept asking Aayush Sharma (Arpita Khan’s husband)

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita is married to Aayush Sharma. In one of the media interview, Aayush shared that what Salman Bhai kept asking him before the marriage. Bhai (Salman) definitely kept asking me, ‘Are you sure you want to marry my sister?

Story – When Salman Khan played prank with co-star Bhagyashree

Salman had come to know about Himalayaji through a common friend, but I had no idea that Salman knew about us. So while we were shooting Dil deewana, Salman would keep whispering ‘dil deewana’ into my ears and I was like: ‘We’ve shot for so long and this guy’s never flirted with me… so what’s wrong with him now?!’ Finally, I took him aside and told him that there was press on set and I didn’t want people to think there was something on between us. He said: ‘I’m not doing it for myself… I know all about Himalayaji!

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