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New Zealand Cricketer Ish Sodhi’s India Connection

I was born in Punjab and moved to New Zealand when I was about four years old. To be honest I come to India quite often because other than my dad, my mom and my sister who live in New Zealand, everyone else is pretty much in Punjab. So to visit my family I have to comeback and I do love coming back because it is good to come back to the place you were born.

This is how Ish Sodhi developed interest in cricket

My mom and dad took me to a cricket game at Eden Park back in 1997 I guess. It was a time when I really didn’t know what cricket was and I think it was an India Vs New Zealand game. Ever since I always wanted to play for New Zealand against India. I grew up in New Zealand, so all my heroes were New Zealand cricketers and to wear the same shirt that they wore was always the biggest picture for me and still is to this day.

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