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Story – One thing because of which Adnan Sami got overweight

When Adnan went to Houston to start his journey of losing weight, he hired a nutritionist there. The expert has found out that Adnan was an emotional eater. He always used to eat, whether it is a happy or a sad moment. This unconditional love of eating led to extreme weight gain.

Story – Died which was suggested to Adnan Sami to lose weight

His nutritionist suggested him to stay away from White rice, bread, sugar and oils. He was asked to eat only vegetable salads, popcorn without butter, tandoori fish and boiled dal, that too without adding any oil to the recipes. He was not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages as they ruin the weight loss results, but sugar free drinks, diet fudge sticks (made of fudge chocolate), diet ice lollies are allowed.

Story – When Adnan Sami got wake up call to reduce weight

He says that his doctors warned him that if he did not lose weight, he would not survive the next six months and this was his wake up call. Adnan ate one last unhealthy meal (consisting of a huge cheese cake, mashed potatoes and a potter house steak with plenty of butter) on June 6, 2006. At a whopping 230 kilograms, he decided to turn his life around!

Story – When Adnan Sami’s father didn’t want his son to die before him

Adnan Sami once had weight of 230 kg with height of 5 feet 5 inches. He could barely walk 5 steps at a time. His knees were unable to bear the weight of the body. He had to undergo knee surgery and was bedridden for 3 months. Due to extra fat in his body, whenever he lied down the fat pushed into his lungs causing sleep apnea which robbed him of restful sleep. He has seen tough times and experienced terrible things in life. Adnan realized about the seriousness of obesity when his father who was suffering from pancreatic cancer insisted that he also get a check-up done. He said, after my check-up, the doctor pronounced before my father I won’t survive for long given my weight and this was my wake up call. My father then told me he won’t want me to die before him. That made me determined to lose weight. I lost 167 kg weight in 16 months.

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