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Motivational Story – This is how Akshay Kumar focused on his goals

Always keep your goals in front of you. When I was a waiter back in Bangkok, I used to keep a picture of actress, Sridevi and actors, Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan in front of me while working. I knew I always wanted to become an actor and this helped me work in the direction of achieving my dream. Today, I can proudly say that I have worked with all three of them in some way or the other.

Story – When Rajesh Khanna gave great advice to Son-in-Law Akshay Kumar

I told Akshay that he works in nice films. My advice to him was that he should dance, he should entertain, he should do good action but overall I did tell him to work in films that have a purpose and stop working in films like the Khiladi series. Other than that, Akshay is doing a fine job.

When Akshay Kumar transformed himself into Rustom Pavri

With Akshay sir, the moment he used to put on the naval uniform, he no longer looked like Akshay Kumar, the actor. He became Rustom Pavri. His behaviour and body language changed. From the way he used to talk, sit and stand, he was Commander Rustom Pavri and not the superstar we all know. The transformation was unbelievable. (Tinu Suresh Desai)

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