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Story – When Alauddin Khalji relied on Malik Kafur due to ill health

During the last years of his life, Alauddin suffered from an illness, and relied on Malik Kafur to handle the administration. After his death in 1316, Malik Kafur appointed his son Shihabuddin as a puppet monarch, but his elder son Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah seized the power shortly after.

Story – When Alauddin Khalji didn’t have good terms with his first wife and her parents

Alauddin’s marriage to Jalaluddin’s daughter was not a happy one. Having suddenly become a princess after Jalaluddin’s rise as a monarch, she was very arrogant and tried to dominate Alauddin. Alauddin married a second woman, named Mahru. Once, while Alauddin and Mahru were together in a garden, Jalaluddin’s daughter attacked Mahru. In response, Alauddin assaulted her. The incident was reported to Jalaluddin, but the Sultan did not take any action against Alauddin. Alauddin was not on good terms with his mother-in-law either.

Story – When Alauddin Khalji didn’t care about rains & floods but was busy portraying himself

There was a time when there were heavy rains, and the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers were flooded. But Alauddin made preparations for a march to Delhi, and ordered his officers to recruit as many soldiers as possible, without fitness tests or background checks. His objective was to cause a change in the general political opinion, by portraying himself as someone with huge public support. To portray himself as a generous king, he ordered 5 manns of gold pieces to be shot from a manjaniq (catapult) at a crowd in Kara.

Motivational Story – When Alauddin Khalji made everyone happy with his policies

Initially, Alauddin consolidated power by making generous grants and endowments, and appointing a large number of people in the government offices. He balanced the power between the officers appointed by the Mamlluks, the ones appointed by Jalaluddin and his own appointees. He also increased the strength of the Sultanate’s army, and gifted every soldier the salary of a year and a half in cash. Of Alauddin’s first year as the Sultan, it was the happiest year that the people of Delhi had ever seen.

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