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Story – When Anand Bakshi hated studies and used to sell his books to watch films

I come from a family of policemen and army. My grandfather was Superintendent of Police in Rawalpindi and my father in army but I was the odd one as I hated studies and would run away from school to see films. At times when I had no money I would sell my books to watch films.

Story – When Anand Bakshi migrated from one place to another because of India’s partition

Anand Bakshi was born in Rawalpindi, now in Pakistan. His mother died when he was five years old. His family migrated to India (Delhi) in 1947, in the aftermath of the partition, when he was 17 years old. The family arrived in Delhi, via a Dakota aircraft, and then migrated to Pune, then Meerut and settled finally in Delhi.

Story – When Anand Bakshi managed his time for Army Job and Poetry

Anand Bakshi was fond of writing poetry since his youth, but he did this mostly as a private hobby. In an interview, he recounted that after his initial studies, he joined the Indian Army, where due to a paucity of time, he could only write occasionally. He continued to write poetry whenever time permitted, and used his songs and lyrics in local programmes related to his troop. He worked in the Army for many years and simultaneously tried to market his songs in the Mumbai film world.

Story – When Anand Bakshi left army twice to make career in Bollywood

My father forcibly recruited me in the army. I worked as a telephone operator in army but the bug for films drew me to Mumbai. I quit my job and joined movies. I had to struggle tooth and nail to survive but all attempts were futile and I was compelled to move back and join army again. However, I was restless as my heart wandered in Bollywood. My friend suggested me to focus on my job and stop dreaming but I was destined to become a film lyricist hence the second time when I quit my army job and made an attempt in Mumbai, lady luck smiled.

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