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Story – Do you Anand Mahindra’s real interest was in making films

Keshub Mahindra once told that “Anand was academically very bright and obtained a scholarship to Harvard. His real interest was and is in making films. He came to me the other day, and very sheepishly said ‘Uncle, I have invested some money in Epic [a TV channel].’”

Story – This is how Anand Mahindra started his business learning by working from a small business

When Anand Mahindra first joined business, Keshub Mahindra put him in Musco [Mahindra Ugine Steel Company]. This was purposely so that he learns to run a small business. A big business has all the support systems, financial, marketing and technical…so the chief executive has many talents at his disposal. In a smaller business, one has to perform all the functions personally.

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