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Anindita Nayar who lived in three different countries

In a short span of 25 years I have had the fortune of living in 3 different countries and having extensively travelled around the world. I grew up in an amalgamated mixture of Turkey, India and the US.

Funny Story – Anindita Nayar who got attracted to acting when she saw Sridevi in Lamhe

The acting bug caught me when I saw “Lamhe” as a child. It was my favorite film. I used to watch it on repeat and absolutely fell in love with Sridevi in Pallavi’s role. I was so obsessed that I convinced my parents to take me to Rajasthan for a month-long holiday — I shopped for all the lehngas I could lay my hands on. That’s all I wore for that month when I was pretending I was “Pallo”. I gave my family a rude shock when, in the middle of a camel ride, I asked to get off. I started randomly singing and dancing to “Morni baaga ma bole” —in a lehenga of course. In fact, a grand-uncle of mine who I stayed with in Jaisalmer still calls me “Pallo” and I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn’t know my real name!

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