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Funny Story – When people thought of Neil Nongkynrih as Rahul Gandhi I grew up in Shillong, and like any other family, my father wanted me to be a doctor. I went to St. Columbus in Delhi. It’s funny how people welcomed me because they thought I was Rahul Gandhi. Once I told them the truth, they disappeared.

When Rahul Gandhi as a kid played Badminton with those who killer his Grand mother Indira Gandhi

Легальные порошки наложенным платежом The death of his grandmother left a big impact on Rahul Gandhi. He was merely 14 when his grandmother Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own loyal bodyguards. Many years later, in a public meeting, Rahul Gandhi, recollected that the 2 assassins who killed his beloved grandmother were his own friends who had taught him how to play badminton. He even mentioned the same once – “My friends with whom I played killed my Grandmother”

Закладки реагент в Мичуринске


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