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Story – Satya Nadella was inspired by this Indian Cricketer

When Satya Nadella was a boy, his father hung a poster of Karl Marx in his bedroom. In response, his mother hung up one of Goddess Lakshmi. But the only poster Nadella wanted was of his cricketing hero, Hyderabad great M L Jaisimha.

Satya Nadella’s love for Indian Cricket

I do follow cricket passionately, though I’m more of a Test match fan. I’m not so much into IPL. I think Virat is very special, and I’m amazed at Ashwin’s versatility as a bowler. I also love watching Rohit Sharma play. Some of his shots and the follow-through remind me of VVS Laxman. In fact, the whole team – their fielding, athleticism, professionalism – is something else. It is fantastic to see Indians play like Australians.

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