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When Shah Rukh Khan advised Kapil Sharma to take rest to set his mind

When Anil Kapoor sir came to the sets, he saw that I cannot host the show and he was okay with it. He assured me that he will come next time. Shah Rukh Khan came to meet me, he advised me ‘Take rest and set your mind’, and I took his advice and took a break. I even talked to Anil Kapoor as I was feeling guilty about cancelling the shoot.

Story – When Indira Ma (Hema Malini’s Guru-ji) told Hema that Shah Rukh is a star and he will change the industry

I (Hema) never thought that Shah Rukh will become such a big star. But Indira Ma (her guru-ji) had told me that he would become a phenomenon. When she saw his photograph for the first time she told me that Shah Rukh is a star and he will change the industry. Since then, I knew that something big was going to happen with my movie. The day he signed my film, the same week he had signed four other films.

Motivational Story – When Shah Rukh Khan got his first break in TV Serials

Shah Rukh was going off when I (Lekh Tandon) glanced at him and was struck by his looks. I asked him to cut his hair because he had long hair. He protested, saying, “I’ll cut my hair and then you won’t cast me. I don’t want to do that.” I assured him I would cast him. Next day, he came with his hair cut. And he was cast in Dil Dariya.

Motivational Story – When Shah Rukh Khan agreed to play ‘negative’ role in ‘Baazigar’

“When I (Producer Ratan Jain) met and narrated the script (of Baazigar) to Shah Rukh, he sounded eager to do the role. But it is his confident answer that made me sign him. He told me that only he and no other actor could play the role. That answer impressed me. I was mesmerized by his confidence and ended up signing him within 30 minutes of meeting him. I told him then that you’ll be a star. He was very hard-working and talented. He had a different kind of fire in himself.” It is worth mentioning that many other actors like Salman, Anil Kapoor etc refused to do this ‘negative’ role in ‘Baazigar’.

Funny Story – When a film’s age was measured with the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram

In one of the media interview Actor Saswata Chatterjee shared a funny story. “A standard joke among us was that we could keep track of the film by measuring the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son, AbRam. Someone said, the film is now three years old, since AbRam is now three. So yes, we started when AbRam was born and here we are now.”

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