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Story – When Duryodhana realized his failure to recruit Vidura

As Duryodhana is dying, Krishna comes to him, and the two talk about the strategic mistakes Duryodhana had made. One of these was Duryodhana’s failure to recruit Vidura. Vidura’s brilliant mind would have been a huge boon to the Kaurava tactics, rivaling Krishna on the Pandavas’ side.

Story – When Krishna refused Duryodhana’s offer to stay in the royal palace and instead he stayed at Vidura’s home

According to Krishna, Vidura was considered as Dharmaraja, which means the lord of truth. Krishna respected Vidura for his devotion to people’s welfare, and his proficiency in every sphere of knowledge. When Krishna visited Hastinapura as a peace emissary of the Pandavas, he shunned Duryodhana’s offer to stay in the royal palace, preferring instead the home of Vidura, on account of him being the only neutral man in the Kaurava court. The reason Krishna stayed in Vidura’s chambers for the night instead of Duryodhana’s is due to the thoughts which were running through their heads and the difference between them. Duryodhana’s intention was to heave luxury upon Krishna and convince him to join the Kaurava’s side. Sensing this intention, Krishna refused. Krishna knew the food that Vidura presented was presented with love and affection with no ulterior motive. In the Sanatsujatiya section of the Mahabharata, shortly before the Kurukshetra War began, Vidura invoked the sage Sanatsujata to answer Dhritarashtra’s questions about death. In protest against the Kurukshetra War, Vidura resigned from the post of minister.

Story of Jambavantha (Jambavan) & Krishna’s fight when Prasena gets killed

In the Mahabharata, Jambavantha had killed a lion, who had acquired a gem called Syamantaka from Prasena after killing him. Krishna was suspected of killing Prasena for the jewel, so He tracked Prasena’s steps until He learned that he had been killed by a lion who had been killed by a bear. Krishna tracked Jambavantha to his cave and a fight ensued. After eighteen days, realizing who Krishna was, Jambavantha submitted. He gave Krishna the gem and also presented Him his daughter Jambavati, who became one of Krishna’s wives.

Story – Kritavarma a devotee of Krishna but still not on good terms with him

Kritavarma was an important and one of the bravest Yadava warriors and chieftain, and a contemporary of Krishna. He finds mention in several ancient texts. He was born in the most fearless Andhaka clan of the mighty Yadavas, and son of Hridika. Though he is depicted as a devotee of Krishna in the Vishnu Purana, apparently he was not on good terms with Krishna, and was one of the conspirators who plotted to kill Satrajit, Krishna’s father-in-law during the Syamantaka Jewel episode.

Story – When Jarasandha provoked Kalayavana to attack Krishna & Balarama

Jarasandha attacked Mathura and the Yadavas seventeen times but was defeated by Krishna and Balarama. Then Jarasandha resorted to a cunning strategy. He provoked Kala Yavana, the king of Mlechchas to attack Yadavas. In the war that followed Yadavas, efficiently led by Balarama and Krishna routed Yavanas, killing Kalayavana. As Yadavas were returning after this great victory, suddenly Magadha forces attacked. Exhausted Yadavas being unable to withstand this sudden treacherous attack fled to Dwarka safely being led by Krishna and Balarama.

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