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When Ivanka Trump praised Dara Dotz, Woman Entrepreneur

Dara has spent a decade serving under-served communities around the world. She witnessed first-hand that many times people need very simple items – a bucket for carrying water, splint to treat an injury, a part to fix a generator. Through her innovative solutions, Dara is saving lives and bringing hope to thousands of communities.

Story – This is how Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky came up with an idea to rent their place which turned out to be a big success

In August of 2008, two roommates sat in their San Francisco apartment brainstorming ways to make rent. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, former Rhode island school of design classmates hoping to come up with the next big thing, had a sudden, and brilliant, idea: they would rent out a bed (actually, an air mattress) in their house, and host guests from anywhere in the world who needed accommodation in the busy, Northern California City. An annual flock of design conference attendees left hotels in the area at maximum capacity, opening up the possibility for Gebbia and Chesky to invite vacationers into their home for a fair price. Their scheme quickly expanded, their minds brimming with ideas — they could cook breakfast for their temporary visitors, offer them a ride to or from the airport, and open up their community of personal hotspots and must-sees in the city that only locals might know. Little could the pair have foreseen that their humble, entrepreneurial beginnings would spawn Airbnb — the world’s leading online accommodation platform with a community of millions, a multi-billion dollar brand, and the #1 place to work in 2016.

Story – Nick Swinmurn who was inspired by ‘anything is possible’ attitude

Nick Swinmurn was born in England and moved to the United States at the age of seven. After college, Swinmurn initially worked in ticket sales for the San Bernardino Stampede minor-league baseball team and then for the San Diego Padres. He then returned to northern California and worked at, saying he was inspired by the ‘anything is possible’ attitude of the founders. He left Autoweb in 1998 and considered other options such as running a portal for students before finally deciding to start Swinmurn worked as a contractor for Silicon Graphics in order to raise funds for an online shoe store, initially called He started Zappos in 1999.

Story – This is how idea of selling shoes online came to Nick Swinmurn’s mind

One day I was at the mall and couldn’t find a pair of the Airwalk desert boots I wanted. So I thought, Why not do an online shoe store? I went to Footwear Etc. in Sunnyvale [Calif.] and said, “I’ll take some pictures, put your shoes online, and if people buy them, I’ll buy them from you at full price.” The store said okay, and I got a few orders. Then I went to a shoe show and thought, I need to put this giant collection online.

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