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Amazing Love Story – This is how Karanvir and Teejay fell in love with each other

Mount Mary fair in Bandra which attracts millions of devotees, proved to be a life changing place for Karanvir and Teejay. That is the church which brought them together. Karanvir and Teejay’s first meeting was in a church through model Anupama Chopra who is a common friend. It was an experience of love at first sight for both of them. Recollecting that day Karanvir says “Teejay had accompanied Anupama and when she had to leave, I told her that I would drop Teejay. But we ended up chatting for hours on the steps.” They met once again by a chance and this time they exchanged numbers. “Incidentally, we bumped into each other in the vicinity of the church again” recollects Karanvir, who confesses that he decided to marry her in their very second meeting.

Funny Story – When Actor Ayaz Ahmed played prank to scare his cast and crew

Once we were shooting on the outskirts of the city, the place resembled a haunted haveli and I decided to play a prank with the cast and crew. I scared everyone by telling them I’ve heard ghosts stories about this place, Charlie played along and both of us decided to play a prank. At 12 in the night, Charlie acted like she was possessed by a ghost, I acted all scared and went and told everybody about it. People got scared and freaked out. It was a lot of fun.

Shocking Story – Main reason for Om Puri’s anger

The main reason for Om Puri’s anger, as revealed by Nandita, was her revelation that he had sex with his maid Shanti at the age of 14. Nandita had also exposed Om’s longstanding liaison with a woman named Laxmi with whom Om was sexually and emotionally involved. Om Puri had even spoken about this in an interview at that time. He said, “My wife has reduced a very important and sacred part of my life to cheap and lurid gossip. I had shared these dark secrets with my wife as all husbands do. If she chose to make them public, at least she should’ve made sure to maintain a dignity about experiences that are a valuable part of my life.”

Motivational Story – Om Puri who always wanted to be in Mumbai at special occasions of his family

Every year he made it clear to his secretary that his birthday, Ishaan’ Birthday and my (Nandita Puri) birthday and anniversary, come what may, he has to be in Bombay and be with us and very unfortunately last year he was in Manali for the shooting of Tubelight and he told us to come there but somehow we couldn’t go. And it’s a big regret.

Motivational Story – When Shashi Kapoor used to say truthful things to his heroines

I told Zeenat she’s a good looking woman, but she can’t act for peanuts. I’ve told Shabana she wasn’t particularly good looking but she is a very fine actress. I say what I feel that’s why people don’t like me, they are welcome to say it, it’s all a matter of opinion.

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