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This is how Daya Kaur (Mahavir Singh Phogat’s Wife) got worried about her daughters

I told my husband not to push the girls into the sport. I was worried about how they will ever get married as pehelwans wearing shorts and cutting their hair! They would wrestle boys as there were no other girls.

Story – When an Industrialist offered 50 lakhs to Maloy Krishna Dhar to fix up meeting with Indira Gandhi

Among his treasure of tales is the one about the late-night visit to Maloy Krishna Dhar’s New Delhi home by a “leading industrialist from Mumbai”. Dhar’s wife and son were kind of surprised. The industrialist placed a suitcase on center table. “I remember my wife and two young sons peering out from behind a curtain. I asked the industrialist what the suitcase contained. He said it had Rs 50 lakhs. All that the industrialist wanted me to do was to set up an appointment with the then prime minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi. I told the industrialist that I would help him but for that I did not want his money. Three days later, I arranged his meeting. Since then he became a good friend.”

Story – When Maloy Krishna Dhar didn’t tell his wife about his negotiations with a Khalistani terrorist

Maloy Krishna Dhar did not tell his wife when he was holding secret talks with Khalistani terrorist, Gurbachan Singh Manochahal. “Once during the height of Punjab militancy, I was given the task to negotiate with Manochahal. I contacted him through a journalist source. I was blindfolded and taken a few hundred kilometres from Amritsar. After three hours of negotiations, I was blindfolded again and taken back,” recalls Dhar. Later, he narrated this incident to his wife Sunanda, who freaked out.

When Former IB Joint Director Maloy Krishna Dhar revealed details about Indira Gandhi, Gyani Zail Singh & VP Singh

A book by former IB Joint Director Maloy Krishna Dhar had alleged that India’s intelligence agencies are misused by political establishments to fulfill personal-political agendas. “Indira Gandhi used IB as a political master, who bugged Zail Singh, who asked IB to plant a monitoring machine inside the then Prime Minister V P Singh”s office, who made IB illegally videotape a meeting of the top brass of the RSS-BJP prior to the destruction of Babri Masjid” – these and many more such questions feature in the book Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled.

During India’s Partition, Maloy Krishna Dhar (Former IB Joint Director) safeguarded his mother with a small pocketknife

In his book Train to India, Maloy Krishna Dhar recounts how he and his mother had come to India on a train amidst the communal carnage, him carrying a small pocketknife in his attempt to protect his mother from the marauding mobs. He saw the worst of man, saw people being killed in front of him at such a tender age, and arrived in India without much to his name.

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