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Motivational Story – Apeksha Porwal who always wanted to participate in Miss India competition

For me, Miss India was a childhood dream. It was a dream I saw with my family. We would sit together every year and watch Miss India when it was telecast on TV and I knew that I wanted to be there. When I represented India at Miss Teen International, 2009 in Chicago, I realized what an incredibly proud feeling it was to represent my country. Being Miss India is a true honour, one that stays with you for life.

Shocking Story – Model Gaurav Arora who has transformed himself to Gauri Arora

Being a woman is a gift and I have gifted myself a vagina. Three years ago I was a male model. I was on a Men’s cover magazine. Then I did a show with MTV as a male model. I had 8 pack abs, 16-inch biceps. I was a fit model… I still feel nervous because I have broad shoulders, broad arms. I am growing into a woman and I am loving it. I am becoming feminine day by day. There was a lot going inside me since my childhood but I didn’t know whom to speak to. But, my parents have been a constant support. They are God to me. It was my Dad who took me to Bangkok. We went to Thailand. Only my Dad was there with me. It must have been difficult for him too to see his son transforming into a girl. I used to tell my dad that, ‘Papa, it’s really very painful, it’s impossible.

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