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Funny Story – When people thought of Neil Nongkynrih as Rahul Gandhi

I grew up in Shillong, and like any other family, my father wanted me to be a doctor. I went to St. Columbus in Delhi. It’s funny how people welcomed me because they thought I was Rahul Gandhi. Once I told them the truth, they disappeared.

Funny Story – When Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan wondered with question of an MP

A question by a BJP lawmaker in the Lok Sabha about the origins of Ganga and the “effects” of bathing in it left many members amused today as the minister quoted a legend to say that King Bhagirath had brought it. When the question was asked by Prabhatsinh Pratapsinh Chauhan, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan too wondered: “what is this? … Is this a question?” Chauhan raised the issue and asked “I want to know who brought the Ganga, why did he bring it?… What effects does bathing in it have”. This odd question left many members smiling while some others were seen having an apparently surprised look on their faces.

Story – When Aruna Asaf Ali told Indira Gandhi to change Sikh Security Guards after Operation Bluestar

Just two days before Indira died, Aruna Asaf Ali visited her and noticed armed Sikh security guards at the gate. She recalled that as soon as she entered the room, she told Indira: ‘Indu, why don’t you change your Sikh security guards. It is not safe after Operation Bluestar’. Indira Gandhi did not like the suggestion. She bluntly told Arunaji: “How could you suggest such a thing? It would send wrong signals to the Sikh community.”

Story – When Narendra Modi his recalled his personal encounter with the Swamiji

When I was Chief Minister, Maharaj called me one day and asked for audio recordings of my public speeches. I sent them to him. After a few days he called me again, asking me to meet him. When I met him he had prepared detailed notes after listening to each and every speech delivered by me and available in audio recordings. He then instructed me what not to speak and what to speak. He directly told me that you cannot speak certain things in your speech. This shows that he used to take interest in my progress.

Story – When Sushma Swaraj made 60 calls to lobby for Indian judge Dalveer Bhandari

Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is said to make as many as 60 calls to her counterparts across continents to boost the case of Indian judge Dalveer Bhandari who finally prevailed over UK’s Christopher Greenwood. India’s success in knocking UK off its perch at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) involved probably the most concerted and assiduous diplomatic offensive by Sushma Swaraj.

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