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Motivational Story of Prerna Arora – She was supposed to pursue Medical field but changed her mind to become producer

I was born to do this! I don’t remember anything else that I wanted to do with my life other than this. Coming from a small town, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. You know how it is, all parents have this mandate for their kids where they want them to grow up and become doctors or engineers or IAS officers. These jobs are looked at with a lot of respect. I cleared the medical entrance and I was supposed to reach Bangalore to pursue Medicine. Then I changed my choice and went on to complete my graduation in Arts. I wanted to get into production from the age of 22 or 23.

Motivational Story – When Film Distributor Jayantilal Gada became bankrupt but learnt important life lesson

I started taking copyright from him (Dhirubhai Shah who owned Time Audio and Video) for marketing the official VHS. I realised that if I wanted to do big business, I would need to extend credit. So, I would take credit and extend it to others. Then one day, we lost the agency and became bankrupt. I realised that you could not become big with just trading. And I started taking copyright for videos myself.

Motivational Story – When Vashu Bhagnani met Kumar Taurani for a business opportunity

I met many music industry guys and they all kept me hanging on. One day I went to Tips and met Kumar Taurani. He asked me how many tapes could I deliver. I didn’t know a thing about the business, so I asked him, ‘How many can you order? That stumped even him!!

Motivational Story – When Vashu Bhagnani got into construction business

I made buildings in the Sher-e-Punjab area (in Mumbai). I finished my buildings in eight months while others took two years. They just like dilly-dallying around. I knew what I had to do. People were sometimes a little scared and thought the way I functioned was insane, but I went ahead anyway.

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