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Relationship between Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao during 1991 reforms

My father got a call from him and overnight he was the FM. He had a month to present the Budget. The economy was in a ghastly mess. Narasimha Rao made it all happen. Without him, my father could not have done anything. The ideas and radical approach came from my father, but it was Rao who made it politically feasible. My father always says it was a minority government that changed the course of India’s entire economic policy. My father felt if he had five more years he could have done more. (Said Manmohan Singh’s Daughter Daman Singh, Writer in a media interview)

When Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis gave challenge to Congress Leader Prithviraj Chavan

I give an open challenge to Prithviraj Chavan to call his (Congress-affiliated) sarpanchs and I will call mine. I am anyway going to call mine in Pune. Let us come face to face. If mine are not proven to be more, I will change my name

Amazing Story – Amit Shah who has a soft corner for Kolhapur because of his wife

Amit Shah’s wife Sonal Shah is a native of Kolhapur and therefore he has a special soft corner for the region. This is one of the possible reasons why the party took the corporation elections so seriously. Shah is reported to have told Patil (BJP Politician) that if he won the elections for the party in Kolhapur, he would be promoted. Lastly, the rival Congress and NCP parties are known to have a lot of infighting within them, which the BJP was able to use to its own advantage.

Amazing Story – In 1990, when Amit Shah told Narendra Modi to get ready to become Prime Minister

This story is often discussed in media. During an election in the 1990s, Shah, while sitting in a small restaurant near the Ahmedabad railway station, told Modi: “Narendrabhai, get ready to become Prime Minister of India.” This was long before Modi even became Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Story – When Prime Minister Morarji Desai called actress L.Vijayalakshmi’s husband lucky

In 1977, when the then Prime Minister, Morarji Desai, visited Manila, the Indian Embassy there asked her to give a dance performance at a function organised in his honour. “Morarji ‘bhai’ called my husband lucky when he saw my Bharatanatyam performance,” Viji said during one of her interview.

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