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Funny Story – When Shashi Kapoor told Moushumi Chatterjee not to call him ‘Uncle’

I used to call Shashi Kapoor ‘uncle’ earlier. But when I was shooting for Anari, he told me not to call him ‘uncle’ because we were shooting for a romantic song and some fans were around.

Funny Story – When Vinod Khanna used to scold Moushumi Chatterjee

If at a function I would go and speak to someone Vinod Khanna would scold me: ‘What is the need for you to get up and speak to someone? Let them come to you’.

Funny Story – When a film’s age was measured with the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram

In one of the media interview Actor Saswata Chatterjee shared a funny story. “A standard joke among us was that we could keep track of the film by measuring the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son, AbRam. Someone said, the film is now three years old, since AbRam is now three. So yes, we started when AbRam was born and here we are now.”

Funny Story – When actor Saswata Chatterjee cried in theatre in a rhino attack scene

In childhood, I was scared to watch a film in a dark theatre. Once I went to watch Hatari with my Mama and there was a rhino attack scene where I cried so much that they had to take me back home at interval.

Funny Story – Saswata Chatterjee chose acting as a career as he wanted to travel without spending money

Acting just happened to me. In my teens, I would watch a lot of theatre and enact scenes in front of the mirror. My father (late Shubhendu Chatterjee) had no clue what I wanted to do in life. He would pester me about this and I decided to take up acting as my profession. The other reason for my pursuing this career is that it’s one of the only professions that lets you travel without spending from your own pocket.

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