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Funny Story – When Actress Moubani Sorcar played prank with Director Premangshu Roy

Our young director (Premangshu Roy) was often found engrossed in sweet nothings with his beloved on the phone. I first got myself a dummy model of his phone. On the last day of shoot, I cooked up a story that my phone wasn’t working and, hence, needed his phone to make an urgent call. My director reluctantly obliged. I acted as if I was angry with the person at the other end of the line and suddenly threw the phone — the fake one — into the lake. The director was aghast. We now started calling up the director’s number. He asked us if we could hear the ring. Everyone in the unit kept pretending that they couldn’t hear the phone. In fact, a few, who were unaware of the joke, even jumped into the lake to retrieve the phone.

Funny Story – Actress Anjum Fakih’s trouble because of excess height

I have mostly got offers to play a rich spoilt brat or a vamp on TV. Another disadvantage that I have is that I am too tall. I have done splits while shooting Tere Shaher Mein. Whenever I bag a role, I just pray that my co-star is atleast 6 ft 2 inches

Funny Story – Anindita Nayar who got attracted to acting when she saw Sridevi in Lamhe

The acting bug caught me when I saw “Lamhe” as a child. It was my favorite film. I used to watch it on repeat and absolutely fell in love with Sridevi in Pallavi’s role. I was so obsessed that I convinced my parents to take me to Rajasthan for a month-long holiday — I shopped for all the lehngas I could lay my hands on. That’s all I wore for that month when I was pretending I was “Pallo”. I gave my family a rude shock when, in the middle of a camel ride, I asked to get off. I started randomly singing and dancing to “Morni baaga ma bole” —in a lehenga of course. In fact, a grand-uncle of mine who I stayed with in Jaisalmer still calls me “Pallo” and I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn’t know my real name!

Funny Story behind Actress Ntasha Bhardwaj’s name

Actually Ntasha is a short form of Nikki Tasha. The reason being that my parents were in America and we were told that having a Russian name in US may create some problems, so my name became Ntasha. Even my sister is Tanya which is an abbreviated form of Tatanya!

Funny Story – When Dharmendra used to say something funny to Moushumi Chatterjee

If Dharmendra saw me standing alone at a party, he would say, ‘ Where is your husband? Go and stand with him’.

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