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Funny Story – This is how Virat Kohli got the name ‘Chikoo’

While being part of Ranji Trophy playing team at Mumbai, one evening, he returned to the hotel with his hair nicely cropped. He has spotted a fancy hair salon close by and given himself a new look. ‘How is it?’ he asked excitedly. ‘Not bad, you look like a Chikoo (Sapodilla),” joked the assistant coach standing there. The name struck. Chikoo. Virat didn’t mind it all.

Funny Story – When Rajdeep Sardesai recognized Sourav Ganguly on Pakistani Streets

During India’s tour of Pakistan in 2004, leading the visitors to an ODI and Test triumph, the former India skipper Sourav Ganguly could not make the most of the celebrations due to tight security in the neighboring country back then. Once Ganguly said “As I was going through my kebabs in that beautiful series in Pakistan. I manage to sneak out of the back door of the hotel because the security was unreal in that series. I saw Rajdeep coming from far. I was sitting with my friends. The police did not know that I had left because I was fed up with the guns and the bullets. And the moment I saw Rajdeep I said I hope he does not recognize me. He recognizes me from far and says what is the Indian captain doing on food street in Pakistan with friends and my dinner ended there.”

Story – When Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi didn’t realize that his catch was dropped

Pataudi went for a big one and was dropped by Andhra off-spinner Jayaram in the deep. Pataudi thought he was out and began walking towards the pavilion. I (Bezwada Mahendra Kumar) called him back and later he completed the century by executing a tennis shot.

Funny Story – When ‘Tiger’ Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi chased a ‘Buffalo’

During a match in Hyderabad, a buffalo entered the field and the Hyderabad fielders including Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi chased it out of the ground. Media termed it as “Chasing a buffalo, with Tiger” as Pataudi was called Tiger.

Funny Story – When a girl kissed Cricketer Abbas Ali Baig, and Vijay Merchant felt jealous

When Baig and Kenny were on their way back at tea-break, a girl of around 20 in a frock ran out of the North Stand and intercepted Baig on his way back. In Baig’s own words, “I was returning to the pavilion at tea when this girl jumped the fence and kissed me”. A startled Vijay Merchant, commentating on All India Radio, complained: “I wonder where all these enterprising young ladies were when I was scoring my hundreds and 200s”.

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