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Funny Story – When Actress Moubani Sorcar played prank with Director Premangshu Roy

Our young director (Premangshu Roy) was often found engrossed in sweet nothings with his beloved on the phone. I first got myself a dummy model of his phone. On the last day of shoot, I cooked up a story that my phone wasn’t working and, hence, needed his phone to make an urgent call. My director reluctantly obliged. I acted as if I was angry with the person at the other end of the line and suddenly threw the phone — the fake one — into the lake. The director was aghast. We now started calling up the director’s number. He asked us if we could hear the ring. Everyone in the unit kept pretending that they couldn’t hear the phone. In fact, a few, who were unaware of the joke, even jumped into the lake to retrieve the phone.

Story – Why people call Director S. S. Rajamouli with names like ‘Nandi’ and ‘Jakkanna’

Rajamouli is called Nandi by his family members. Nandi was also the first alias considered for the character of Mahendra Baahubali before Shivudu. Industry friends, call him Jakkanna, which became popular after Jr NTR addressed him with that name during public functions.

Childhood Story of Ram Gopal Verma – This is how he developed habit of studying ‘Gangsters’

From my parents’ perspective, I looked like a useless bum. It was the truth. I had no objective. I was just fascinated by people, so I used to study their behaviour. I was most fascinated by the bullies in my classroom. They were like gangsters for me. They had the guts to push around people, do things I couldn’t— perhaps did not even want to do myself. But I’d want a friend like that. I used to adulate them like heroes. That was my first touch with anti-socialism. Over a period of time, I developed a low-angle fascination for larger than life people. I was always a loner – not because I was unhappy, but because I live away from myself, not just others. I like to study myself – the way I am walking, talking, behaving. My constant obsession with studying myself and other people is perhaps the primary motivation for me to be a filmmaker.

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