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Motivational Story – Om Puri who always wanted to be in Mumbai at special occasions of his family

Every year he made it clear to his secretary that his birthday, Ishaan’ Birthday and my (Nandita Puri) birthday and anniversary, come what may, he has to be in Bombay and be with us and very unfortunately last year he was in Manali for the shooting of Tubelight and he told us to come there but somehow we couldn’t go. And it’s a big regret.

Motivational Story – When Shashi Kapoor used to say truthful things to his heroines

I told Zeenat she’s a good looking woman, but she can’t act for peanuts. I’ve told Shabana she wasn’t particularly good looking but she is a very fine actress. I say what I feel that’s why people don’t like me, they are welcome to say it, it’s all a matter of opinion.

Story – When Indira Ma (Hema Malini’s Guru-ji) told Hema that Shah Rukh is a star and he will change the industry

I (Hema) never thought that Shah Rukh will become such a big star. But Indira Ma (her guru-ji) had told me that he would become a phenomenon. When she saw his photograph for the first time she told me that Shah Rukh is a star and he will change the industry. Since then, I knew that something big was going to happen with my movie. The day he signed my film, the same week he had signed four other films.

Motivational Story – When Actor Shammi Kapoor helped great filmmaker Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray who was also shooting in Darjeeling for “Kanchenjungha” was lacking raw stock for his shooting. Coming to know about this, Shammi Kapoor immediately came to the rescue of Ray by asking me (Lekh Tandon) and supplying him the required raw stock. Ray was deeply touched by Shammi Kapoor’s genuine gesture.

Motivational Story – When Shah Rukh Khan got his first break in TV Serials

Shah Rukh was going off when I (Lekh Tandon) glanced at him and was struck by his looks. I asked him to cut his hair because he had long hair. He protested, saying, “I’ll cut my hair and then you won’t cast me. I don’t want to do that.” I assured him I would cast him. Next day, he came with his hair cut. And he was cast in Dil Dariya.

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