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When Ivanka Trump talked about Indian Woman Entrepreneur Rajlakshmi Borthakur

When her son began having seizures at young age, [Borthakur] decided to create her own solution to better monitor his help. She invented a smart glove that predicts, manages and detects different diseases and disorders using artificial intelligence. Now her company TerraBlue aims to make specialty healthcare accessible even in remote places of India. Rajlakshmi your courage and determination is truly remarkable.

Motivational Story – This is how Harold Robbins’ novels inspired Entrepreneur Rahul Narvekar

Harold Robbins’ novels inspired me a lot. His bio on the front page would read he was a millionaire by the age of 21, went bankrupt and then built himself up again. It was all larger-than-life with yachts, private jet and what not. I could visualise myself living that lifestyle. They were an early influence on me to become an entrepreneur, coupled with the business magazines I used to read.

Motivational Story – This is how Manmohan Shetty started his own film processing lab and named it ‘Adlabs’

I was working in a laboratory and I thought processing films is what I want to do. So I started my own lab in 1978. It was a very small lab processing only advertising films. That’s why the name Adlabs. We found that as we did a good job the producers liked our work and kept coming back.

Story – This is how Lakshmi Pratury got idea to start INK Conferences

I was living in California, working there. I came here just to co-host TEDindia, and I was going to go back. But the year I spent really with people here — coaching them on their stories. I really realized that we are sitting on a treasure trove in India. we are just not telling these stories properly on a global stage. Not because we can’t, it’s just we don’t feel it’s necessary. I really feel it is necessary to tell the India’s story in it’s entirety.

Story of famous Politician & Entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar who once worked for Intel to design Microprocessor

We all know Rajeev Chandrasekhar as an active Indian Politician and an Entrepreneur. Very few would know that in 1981, Rajeev Chandrasekhar briefly worked for a start-up IT firm. After handpicked by Vinod Dham, Rajeev worked for Intel Corporation in the United States between as Senior Design Engineer of the team that designed and launched 32 bit 80486 microprocessor and CPU architect in the team that designed the path breaking Pentium microprocessor. In 1994, Rajeev founded BPL Mobile. In July 2005, he sold his 64 percent stake in BPL Communications.

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