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Photographer Atul Kasbekar who once predicted that ‘Ketholeno Kense Vihienuo’ will become top model one day

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar once mentioned that Naga girl ‘Ketholeno Kense Vihienuo’ has what it takes to make it big in the world of modeling. “She is so easy to shoot with,” he said. “She is extremely beautiful, fresh and exotic. She is a delicate darling,” is how Kasbekar described Leno who was entering the modeling world at that time. “She will become a top model one day,” he had said at that time.

Motivational Story – When Chirodeep Chaudhuri decided to be a Photojournalist

My introduction to photography was purely accidental. In the early 1990s the pavement booksellers still used to be around Flora Fountain in Bombay and I used to frequent them to pick up cheap bargains. On one such day I came across a copy of LIFE magazine. I picked it up and on my way back to Chembur I went through the pages again and again. … I had never seen anything like that before. Those larger-than-usual sized pages, those pictures on subjects as varied as the civil war in Chezckoslovakia, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s burning palace, a story on “the cutest baby in America” and another on the oldest wind surfer are the ones I recollect to this day. I think, my life changed at that moment! For the first time ever I truly wanted to pursue something…I had a career plan! I suddenly wanted to become a photojournalist and nothing else.

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