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Shocking Story – When ‘Buniyaad’ actor Vijayendra Ghatge’s sister Sangeeta died in Air India’s Kanishka aircraft crash

“I can never forget the fateful day when a friend called to inform me about the plane (Air India’s Kanishka aircraft) crash. It was a day of hope and despair as the rescue operations were underway and we were hoping for survivors to be found” Vijayendra Ghatge mentioned in one of his interview. Soon after, their worst fears were confirmed. Later, Air India flew the relatives to the crash site. Sangeeta, who was the baby of the family, worked as a cabin crew with the airline.

Story – When Actor Ashok Kumar stopped celebrating his birthday

Ashok Kumar stopped celebrating his birthday after his youngest brother, Kishore Kumar passed away on the same date. Kishore Kumar passed away on 13th October, 1987 which also marked Ashok Kumar’s 76th birthday. Ashok Kumar was 18 years elder to him. Ashok Kumar loved his brother dearly and never celebrated his birthday after that.

Story – When Bhagwan Dada sold his bungalow & cars and faced tremendous financial crunch

After that Bhagwan did not have any more hits and eventually had to give up producing and directing films, sell his 25 room sea facing bungalow in Juhu and his fleet of seven cars. He took whatever roles he could get but not much of roles of note. Most of Bhagwan Dada’s associates left him in his time of need, apart from few people, who continued to meet him even in his chawl. Bhagwan later died of a massive heart attack.

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