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When Sourav Ganguly got so angry and ran 21 laps at Eden Gardens

One day I got so angry because I wasn’t getting picked and I did not know the reason. I was scoring runs everywhere around the world and in those 10 years I scored more runs that Sachin Tendulkar in one day cricket. One day in 2006, I got so angry that I ran 21 laps at Eden Gardens

When Sachin Tendulkar got surprised with Sourav Ganguly’s retirement decision

When I announced my decision to retire, Sachin came up to me and asked me ‘Why have you taken such a decision?’ I said I’ve had enough, I don’t want to play anymore. He told me ‘This was the best I have seen you play in the last three years’. In life when you get tested, when you get rejected by everyone and when you get pushed aside, you actually get the best out of it. That has been a learning curve for me

Shocking Story – When Sourav Ganguly could have caused war between India and Pakistan & he got call from Musharraf

During India’s tour of Pakistan in 2004, leading the visitors to an ODI and Test triumph, the former India skipper Sourav Ganguly could not make the most of the celebrations due to tight security in the neighboring country back then. “As I was going through my kebabs in that beautiful series in Pakistan. I manage to sneak out of the back door of the hotel because the security was unreal in that series. The police did not know that I had left because I was fed up with the guns and the bullets. In a minute I got a call from the intelligence that you got to leave immediately. I got a call from Musharraf (Pervez) next morning. He said next time you do it and anything happens, it is going to be a war”

Shocking Story – When Cricketer Yuvraj Singh was detected with Cancer

Being an athlete it was very difficult for me to accept. When you’re playing for 6-8 hours every day, you simply can’t believe you’ve cancer. I too was escaping from the same and I continued to play. Then the doctors told me if I continue to ignore my health then it’ll be difficult for you to survive. I thought the doctors are probably lying because I wanted to play and continued to neglect my health and then my condition deteriorated and so did my performance in the sport. With no alternative, I had to go for treatment.

Rahul Dravid who played hockey and was selected for Karnataka’s junior team

Rahul Dravid’s flair for cricket is legendary but the most neglected fact about Rahul Dravid is that he used to play hockey and was even selected to represent Karnataka’s junior team members before he took up cricket.

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