Childhood Beaten Rice Story of Krishna & Sudama – When Sudama lied to Krishna for eating nothing Lord Sri krishna and Sudama (Kuchela) studied together at Acharya Sandipan’s ashram (hermitage). Krishna and Sudama once went to the forest to gather brushwood. They stayed in forest for long, walking and chatting with each other, while also enjoying the beauty of their environment. It started getting quite late and Krishna got hungry. Sudama, in the meantime, had some beaten rice (atukulu) with him, which was given by Sandipan’s wife before they leave and she asked to share the food with Krishna. However, Sudama didn’t offer this food to his friend. Krishna kept telling him how hungry he was and asked his friend if he had anything at all to eat. Sudama denied taking along anything to eat. A while later Krishna laid down on Sudama’s lap, after which Sudama took the beaten rice and started eating. Lord Krishna though his eyes are closed, he knew what’s going on and asked Sudama what was he eating. Sudama said, “nothing, it was due to cold you hear my teeth biting”. Then Krishna tells Sudama a story in which there were two friends and one of them ate food without offering to other. When the friend asked what was he eating, he says “what is there to eat, except mud”. Then the friend says ” Tadhastu ( Let it happen that way)”. Krishna adds, the friend in this story is greedy and not as good as you. So it happens to you only if you are greedy too. This explains why Sudama experienced extreme poverty and he gained wealth only after offering Lord Krishna’s share of beaten rice. The moral of the story is to offer food to hungry people or animals ( Seeing God in all creatures) around you before you eat.

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