Childhood Story of Haji Mastan – He worked at a cycle repairing shop but got attacked to lavish life style of Mumbai’s rich

Haji Mastan lived in a coastal town of Tamil Nadu and migrated to Mumbai at the age of 8 with his father. The father and son worked long hours at a small cycle repairing shop which wasn’t enough to feed the family. Each night while walking home under the glittering street lights, Mastan admired the sprawling bungalows by the sea side belonging to the rich and famous and aspired to have one someday. In his early twenties, he began working in the docks where he befriended an elderly Arab gentleman who was searching for someone to help him smuggle gold biscuits out of the docks without getting suspected. The scrawny innocent looking Mastan was a perfect fit and soon he began to hide gold biscuits in his clothes and sneaked them out to the Arab without getting caught. Mastan began making a neat sum of money.

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