Childhood Story of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi – When she faced abuse from every section of society

I belong to an orthodox family. Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi was the name given to me even before I was born. My grandfather, a respected pandit, said to my mother, who bore seven children, that only three of them would make it. I was the eldest son. I was a sick child and very feminine. People would laugh at me. I could never understand why they were doing that. I never understood the world. I was sexually abused by somebody who was a part of our family. It was difficult for me to even go to school and college. People used to call me chhakka, gur and what not. It was upsetting. Whichever man came to my life, abused me. At that time, I was a very different person from what I am today. I could hardly speak then. I was not confident.

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