Interesting Story when Amba got rejected by Salva, Bhishma and Vichitravirya

Bhishma ensured that Amba was escorted safely to Salwa Kingdom. Amba informed Salva that she had come for him. Salva retorted that he no longer desired her, as she was to be wed to another man. He declared that she was rightfully won by Bhishma, who defeated and insulted him and other kings and accused her of happily leaving with him. Amba pleaded with Salva, whom she considered her true love, to accept her. But Salva reiterated Kshatriya dharma and refused to accept her. Amba peeved by this rejection then went to Bhishma and accosted him saying that he was responsible for all her problems. Bhishma tried to convince Vichitraviraya to marry Amba, but he rejected her on the plea that she was in love with someone else. She then approached Bhishma to marry her. He also refused due to his vow of celibacy. This further infuriated Amba, as she had now been spurned by three people. She appealed to various kings to defeat Bhishma and do her justice, but all of them refused. Finally, she went into the forest. Finally, she went into the forest.

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