Motivational Story of Virat Kohli and how his father inspired him to play cricket

Virat Kohli was 3 years old when he would pick up a cricket bat, start swinging it and ask his father to bowl at him. Kohli was raised in Delhi and started his schooling there. In 1998, the West Delhi Cricket Academy was created, and Kohli, a nine-year-old, was part of its first intake. Kohli’s father Prem Kohli, took him to the academy after their neighbors suggested that Virat shouldn’t waste his time in gully cricket and instead join a professional club. Kohli trained at the academy and also played local matches at the same time. He oozed talent. It was so difficult to keep him quiet. He was a natural in whatever he did. He also had a positive attitude. He was ready to bat at any spot. Due to his talent and hard work, Virat Kohli has become a great asset of Indian Cricket team. But unfortunately, Kohli’s father died in 2006 due to a stroke after being bed-ridden for a month. Regarding his early life, Kohli has said in an interview, “I’ve seen a lot in life. Losing my father at a young age, the family business not doing too well, staying in a rented place. There were tough times for the family… It’s all embedded in my memory.” According to Kohli, his father supported his cricket training during his childhood, “My father was my biggest support. He was the one who drove me to practice everyday. I miss his presence sometimes.”

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