Motivational Story – Sudha Ragunathan, Famous Vocalist who once wanted to be Gynecologist or Civil Servant

At that point in time I was studying at college and I had the dream of becoming a gynecologist and I chose my subjects leaning towards biology, zoology and botany, physics, chemistry, and I scored well, well enough to be admitted into a medical program, at that point in time was when my professor spoke to me in college and said if you chose to become a doctor then music will take a back seat, and since you have been indulged with a good voice and such a great connect with your audiences I think you should rethink all this and choose to do something else. I thought that was wise enough, so I did, I continued to do my masters in Economics, thinking that I would sit for my civil services exam, but even that got messed up because my mother was very very keen on me taking up music and once I got the scholarship there was a little turnaround in my mind about the thinking about whether this profession would be the right one for me.

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